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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  March 10, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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part in discussions in the hope of developing effective, new policies to prevent bullying in and out of our nation's schools. president obama opened the conference with remarks the way bullying has changed and how it can lead to tragic consequences. >> today bullying done even end at the school bell. it can follow our children from the hallways to their cell phones to their computer screens. in recent months a series of tragedy as has drawn attention to how devastating bullying can be. we have been heartbroken by the stories of young people who endured harassment and ridiculed day after day at school and who ultimately took their own lives. >> one of the children, the president was referring to, is phoebe prince who was a 15-year-old freshman at south hadley high school in massachusetts when she hanged herself last year after months relentless bullying. six students have been charged in the case and are awaiting trial.
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the suicide led massachusetts to pass a law inducing an anti-bullying curriculum into the state's public schools. but that hasn't stopped the continued vilification of phoebe online and some say even at her school. phoebe was a young girl from ireland and earlier today her father spoke about her death publicly for the first time. in an exclusive interview he told me the family was never even informed about today's event at the white house until i called last night. and you heard absolutely nothing? >> absolutely nothing. we did not know this event was taking place at all. >> what was your reaction to that? >> initially, surprise. a little bit of shock that we felt that there should at least be a duty to inform us what was going to happen because of the inevitable effect on this household of another big publicity firestorm. then this morning we heard about
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the guest list for it and this caused even deeper distress to the extent that i cannot talk to you now because she has gone down to the place by the sea where phoebe's family and friends scattered part of her ashes. >> one of the individuals who is going to be talking about this issue is somebody who you reserve some criticism for. i know you don't want to mention her name, but what was your reaction when you heard she was taking part? >> basically, shock and disgust. the individual who, as i say, until i have conclusive proof, i will not name publicly, is a person who we believe, and have already some evidence towards, has been deliberately vilifying phoebe, blaming the victim, making up, frankly, disgusting and offensive untruths about
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her. >> so this individual, who is ostensibly blaming to be opposed to bullying, you understand has actually been involved in posting some of the most offensive things about your own late daughter? >> that is our firm belief. that is the cause of a lot of the distress about the event at the white house today. >> do you accept that the president by virtual of holding this event is at least trying to put the issue of bullying front and center, both politically but also in terms of the national conversation? >> i think the president is entirely right. as i said before, i have the greatest admiration for president obama. i think he is doing the right thing. i think he has been very ill advised in this particular case, particularly in terms of the guest list. but i wholly support his involvement in the campaign to
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stop this sort of behavior that led to the death of my daughter, carrying on in schools in america. he has my 100% support. >> often in these circumstances, people concentrate on the victim of the bullying without thinking beyond that in the immediate family. i wonder if you could describe for us how difficult the last year has been. >> yes, to a certain extent. some things, you simply cannot describe and cannot talk about. things like uncontrolled tears, the things that remind you, little things like going into a supermarket, seeing grapes, phoebe's favorite food, reaching out for them and then realizing. it keeps coming back and it keeps hitting you and keeps giving you immense distress. i can only imagine, how bad this is for me, how much worse it is for ann, thinking of the child
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she carried for nine months, breast-fed, brought up, and helped and that goes on every time there's another phone call or someone else mentioned it, it brings it all back. it hasn't been allowed to go away. we cannot let my little girl lie in her gave in peace because we are continually being pestered by the fact that she's a poster child for a campaign which is not about her. it is about how people behave in schools, how schools administer it and about the law. couldn't they leave our daughter alone? >> i know that you, yourself, have done a great deal of thinking around the issue of bul bullying. when i first talks to you some months ago you said to me bullying as a term was too weak. what does bullying really constitute, in your mind?
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>> well, i like to use the french word for bullying which is persecution. it involves a campaign over a periods of time to destroy someone, to destroy their self-respect, to destroy their happiness. >> was this persecution in person or was it online? did people use other mechanisms for abuse, because as you know, one of the biggest forums for bullying has become areas like facebook and other websites. >> it is a form for bullying, yes. in this particular case, it played a minor, if not negligible role. it was face-to-face, person-to-person, and that is far worse. you can turn off the computer but you cannot turn off the person who is shouting at you and threatening you.
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>> when i look at photographs of her i can see anything that would invoke anybody to do anything unkind to her. she's a beautiful child. >> i fine it incomprehensible 350e people could have done these things to that child. only they can answer to that. >> as you know, we're waiting for a trial that's due to take place in relation to phoebe's death. what are your hopes for those proceedings? >> all along, in any -- there have been few statements i have made what i have looked for is admission of what happened and contrition, and for them to genuinely be sorry for what they did and recognize that it was -- how wrong it was. now this is not jumping the gun and saying what any verdict should be, but i have looked for
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people to be sorry for the fact that i have lost my daughter. >> i can well understand. i'm the father of three children myself, two daughters, and it's unimaginable what has happened. >> well, unimaginable is actually the right word. you wake up sometimes in the night believing it was all a nightmare and nen you realize it's waking up brings you into the nightmare. >> one of the things that people talk in focusing on the bullying issue is that it done just impact on the person who is the victim. you, as you've already mentioned, have a younger child. what are your concerns for her? >> that she should grow up into a strong, beautiful, clever, talented and above all happy individual, and that is a total
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focus of both ann and myself at the moment. we could do without distractions. there is one other point which i think should be made, and made very strongly, that bullying does not just take place and end in the school yard. we had letters from all over america and europe, from people who had been bullied, 20, 30, 40 year ago about how it destroy their self-confidence, by destroying their own self-image. it goes on. it lasts with people. it's traumatic experience for a child which can affect their whole lives and people should be aware of this. it doesn't end at the school. it happens there. >> jeremy, i want to thank you very, very much for joining us today. i know that this is extremely difficult for you, but i hope that we have remembers phoebe in a dignified manner and that also
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you'll find some comfort in the weeks and months ahead. >> well, i just hope that anything i have said can help protect other children from what happened to my phoebe. >> thank you, jeremy. >> thank you. thank you, martin. >> when we come back, we go to wisconsin, the showdown in the badger state takes a nasty turn. and lindsay lohan, deal or no deal, will the trouble starlet cop a plea and end up in the slammer? runninthere? dancing there? how about eating soup to get there? campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm,
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at this hour, dramatic and fast-moving developments in the wisconsin state capitol, final vote expected any moment that
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could bring one chapter in the three-week long battle to an end. but that's not all. take a look at this. push came to shove in the halls of that very same building, just hours ago. police forced to clear storming protesters away, in order to allow legislators to enter the assembly chamber. here to sort out new details in the state's ongoing collective bargaining fight, nbc's scott newell live in madison. good afternoon, scott. >> reporter: what is happening behind me right now in the skate capitol building the assembly is debating this whole thing. the democratic representative first called on the speaker of the assembly, jeff fitzgerald to step down. republicans listened to what he had to say, and then they said, no, this is what we ran. we ran on this, we were going to get the fiscal place in order. this is the first piece of the puzzle we are broke. they are predicting passage later today, and governor scott
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walker says he will sign the bill. he claims this will help alleviate $137 million shortfall in the budget, which is expected in the next few months here. now, i wanted to mention a couple of things that there was a little bit of confusion on. first of all, the vote has not yet taken place. it will start later on today. we've had some confusing word from inside there, that the bill was already being voted on, but it has not been voted on. other thing is we're hear conflicting reports of michael moovr moore being here on saturday. we're told he will not be here saturday. democratic senators who have remains out of the state, they have not decided what to do. they want to see the final vote. they do plan to return but whether it be this weekend or next week, we're not sure yes. they're concerned about some procedural things that might force them to take a vote. so they're waiting and seeing, and we'll have to see what they
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decide. >> nbc's scott newell, thanks for joiningus. >> amid protests from new york to washington, new york congressman peter king went ahead with controversial hearings today, focusing on the threat of islamic terrorism here in the united states. congressman keith ellison, a democrat from minnesota, who also happens to be a muslim, became emotional as he testified. >> only way his remains were identifi identified, that these lies were exposed. mohammed gave his life for other americans. his life should not be identified as just a member of an ethnic group or just a member of a religion but as an american who gave everything for his fellow americans. >> nbc's luke russert is following the hearings and he joins us live from the capitol.
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good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, marten. describe the tone and tenor inside that hearing room. >> reporter: it was quite emotional. as you know, there's a lot of protests regarding this hearing because a lot of folks on the democratic side, primarily, feel it undercuts one of the most important things about american society which is acceptance of everybody and tolerance. a lot of folks on the right say we're tolerant of a majority of the muslim population but we want to target individuals who could perhaps be characterized as islamic radicalization cals, extremists, homegrown in the united states. both sides went into to trying to be respectful as possible. brian higgins said something that struck a tone in the room. he said, i'm catholic, we dealt with the lackawana six but i was taught by the nunss and mow hamgeds a prophet of mercy, we have to find common ground where
3:18 pm
we all believe in mercy. that message res natured with i think a lot of folks in that room. obviously it got heated on both sides, but walking out of there, talking to members of both republicans and democrats, they felt it did not get too out of hand today, in which a way a lot of folks feared it would turn into as you described in quote, a witch hunt. >> a number of participants have made it clear they think the hearing is both part biassed and potentially discriminatordiscri. huh does mr. king respond to the criticisms? >> reporter: king said in the name of political correctness we should not turn away from what he views is a significant threat, the islamic radicalization in the united states. his critics say that, look, it's obviously a problem within the country that you could have radicalization with local here within the u.s., but the optics of this type of hearing are all wrong. there are plenty of groups in
3:19 pm
the country that have committed terrorist acts, right wing militias, timothy mcveigh, talk about the attacks in oklahoma city 16 years ago, it's wrong to say there should be one group of people marginalized and look at. so that is what king has said. that is what his opponents have said. what king wanted to get out today, more than anything, he wanted the responsibility within the muslim community to fall on the moderate voices to speak up more. republicans showed examples of different poster that can be viewed as anti-american displayed in mosques and you heard democrats saying there are plenty of american christian groups that have displays different symbols that can be displayed as anti-american. one democrat said, optics. peter king is satisfied with the hearing today. he believe his did his part to keep america safe. a lot of democrats felt it was un-american.
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aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. >> to the palace and with 49 days until the royal wedding william and katharine are receiving an unusual gift, the jewish style marriage contract custom made in hebrew and english. creative gift selection indeed. but are guests expected to bring gifts to such a grand and auspicious wedding in joined by royal watcher, neil sean, who never turns down a freebie. >> true, i'm the fergie of london. interestingly, you talk about
3:24 pm
the royal gifts, it's changed somewhat because remember when they got engaged and they said everything for charity, that's all we want. we don't require gifts. according to my sources if you're a celebrity, there is a small inmate gift list going ash to the elton johns, victoria beckhams certain gifts they may enjoy and like. one of the gifts is a food mixer. i can't see kate middleton mixing, can you? this is what she wants. >> i mean what other things are on this list, then in. >> you know, again, because people are massively rich, you can't imagine elton john thinking i'll tell you what, i'll get a brillo pad holder or something like that. has to be something very big. i think it's going to be personal for them. i imagine spa treatments, things like that, but it is gifts that they personally would enjoy. when you look at the amount of
3:25 pm
people to go, 2,000 people, i don't think it's going to keep. nobody's not want to go without a gift. you'll look like a party pooper without a gift. i think we'll see a lot more, trust me. >> there have been other comments around the issue of kate, catherine's weight and that focus, i remember bringing -- being brought to bear on diana and all of the problems and complication that will occurred as a result of that. have you noticed any difference in her weight of her appearance? >> got to tell you, martin, i saw her recently and she's dropped a weight dramatically. a lot of girls say this because it's the nerves of the wedding. i don't mean just getting married but of course, you have a fitting with a design somewhere they don't like you it change because they've done the dress. now, next, she's so thin right now, she makes megan fox look like roseanne barr, to be hon effort. i find this frightening. you should say, don't go any
3:26 pm
thinner. if you noticed she's wearing chunky coats. so i think when we see her on day, she's going to look great but let's hope she doesn't get sucked into that i need to be thin model look. we've got enough of those girls already. we like j. lo. >> absolutely. she needs bangers and mash. >> thank you. right now, a chaotic scene in liverpool, england, where justin bieber is reportedly trapped in a hotel room. hundreds of teen girls have packs into the area. surrounding roads have been shut down while officers try desperately to clear the crowd. and next up -- lindsay lohan and a letter dress for her court appearance. did it impress the judge? make love, not porn. is online importantography turning americans' minds to mush? [ male announcer ] this is james.
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say a judge has given lindsay lohan two weeks to accept or decline the plea deal in grant theft. she's accused of stealing the 2500 necklace in the photo. lowen appeared in court after the two sides failed to reach a last-minute deal. kristin welker is outside the los angeles county courthouse and joins us now. >> reporter: gath gad after nan, mart. the judge has made it very clear that any plea deal will include jail time. legal an lifts are saying it could involve two to three months in jail, so today the judge said that team lohan wants more time to consider the plea deal. lindsay lohan has until march 25th to decide whether she wants to accept or reject the plea deal. if she rejects it, the case will then go to a preliminary hearing and the judge set a date for that, april 22nd. of course during the preliminary
3:31 pm
hearing, a judge, a new judge will have to decide whether there's enough evidence to bring this case to a full trial. but if lohan decides to fight the charges, reject the plea deal. it's an uphill battle. a felony theft conviction carries a possible three-year prison sentence. a turf decision ahead of the actress. there's that case of her probation, she still on breaux p probation. judge, during the preliminary hearing could revoke probation and send her right to jail just for that. >> thank you. and joining us now from l.a. is attorney mark geragos. good afternoon. >> how are you? >> good. is it unusual that a judge would give a difficult more time like this to accept a plea deal, or is this special treatment for a celebrity? >> no, it's not unusual at all. especially in a case like this where, frankly, this is a little
3:32 pm
overblown as a felony. $2500 necklace, to begin with, generally doesn't get filed as a fe felony. my guess she was on probation at the time but for something unrelated. second of all i don't know this is a case that deserves jail time. especially in light of what's happens in the last couple of weeks. selling of the videotape by the company or the store, the fact that they're trying to auction off the necklace, most of those things i think fit right into what the defense position is, is that, look, this is a store trying to create a promotional opportunity at her expense. >> surveillance pictures of lindsay lohan in the store have been released and we see her walking openly with the necklace. do you think that these images are going to severely damage the prosecution case against her? >> i think the prosecution case has already been severely damaged. i don't think this is a case that the prosecutor, and i know her well, is anxious to try.
3:33 pm
you know, this is a case about a $2500 necklace and it probably isn't even worth half of that, and in this state where we're going bankrupt practically in california, the idea of prosecuting this as a felony seems to be over the top. >> you see the problem, don't you, from the view of the public, unless this young woman is in some way penalized and suffers some penalty, is she ever going to wake up to her own personal responsibilities to both in relation to the probation she's supposedly under and not doing this kind of thing again? >> well that all assumes that she's presumed guilty. if you understand what goes none los angeles, frankly, most stores would pay her ten times that much, $25,000, to wear the jewelry that she supposedly stole. so you know, to some degree the only reason that the public has this idea that they want to see her punished is because they
3:34 pm
assume she's guilty. i don't think that anything we've seen so far leads anybody to believe she's guilty if you passionately look at what the facts are. >> another man facing legal trouble is mel gibson, expected to court to enter a no contest plea in a domestic battery case involving his former girlfriend. we've heard gibson ranting on audiotapes, as you know, and he says a number of horrendous things about her. i gave you everything, don't you dare f'ing complain to me. you don't f'ing count and other expletives. what do you think of his circumstances in relation to the charges and the situation that he's facing? >> well, i think that he was in a tough situation. you've got the tapes. you have a situation where he's fighting over custody. obviously that's emotionally charged. and you have the contrary situation where if he decides to he wanted to fight this in a court it would become a media
3:35 pm
circus. does he want to expose the children to that? he has other children, the family to that, i don't think he does. if you get in and out on a dismiss demeanor with no jail time sounds pretty good to me. if he honestly believes that he didn't do it and he was set up, there is something sad about that in the fact that somebody because of their statue or celebrity status can't litigate the case because of the circus that it would become. >> you probably also heard -- sorry to throw all of sleblts at you -- you probably heard that charlie sheen reportedly filed $100 million lawsuit against warner bros. for firing him. does mr. sheen really have a case? >> i frankly, think mr. sheen has a whale of a case. his lawyer talked about the fact. i haven't looked at it. there is no morals clause in there. everybody by all accounts has said he's always showed up for
3:36 pm
work and it's a money machine. they've come out, publicly trashed him, fire him from the show. it doesn't look like they've got any grounds for it. i bet you a small amount of money at the end of the day he makes a large amount of money off of this case. >> okay. i'm not a betting man, but thank you for your expertise on lohan, gibson and mr. sheen. secretary of state hillary clinton will meet with libyan opposition leaders as she prepares to travel to the middle east next week. in the ongoing battle, the libyan military says it has run rebels out of the oil port of ras lanuf. france and england call on europe to recognize the opposition movement as sole official voice of libya. the joint statement urged gadhafi to leave libya and end the killing. bob beher a former agent with the cia and once stationed in
3:37 pm
the middle east. also the author of a new book with his wife "the company we keep." bob, what do we do mr. gadhafi? >> he is a cancer in libya and the best thing that could happen to us is somebody in his inner circle puts him out of his misery. short of that, an intervention in libya is virtually impossible. you could impose a no-fly zone, it would take a month, at least, to take out his surface-to-air missile but was what do you do with libya then? it's a tribal society. there are no political parties. even the tribes are warring each other at this point and it's completely chaotic. hillary clinton is going to be in cairo to try to sort this out. i, myself, have dealt with the libyan opposition for 25 years and never could make sense of them. >> because they're simply a fringe group with different leaders and different places? >> fringe groups, mystics,
3:38 pm
muslim brothers. they don't get along. there's no central leader. there's nobody particularly articulate that can express what's going on there and lead this group. there are no easy alternatives in libya, none. >> who is supplying rebels with arms and rebels are selling oil benghazi. people are making enormous profit as we speak. the arms aren't all that good but it's better than getting overrun. >> dow a you think america shou offer to support the rebels? >> the arab league first deciding and go in their wake and force an innational decision. >> the reason is? >> it wouldn't be looked as invading another arab country. it would look like imperialism, gadhafi would benefit from it. would we win or would the chaos continue? >> you've mentioned the no-fly
3:39 pm
zone. but robert gates makes the point that a no-fly zone doesn't occur unless there's an invasion to take out the air defense systems. >> a lot of the surface-to-air weapons are underground. you do have to invade and take out each site individually. >> so what's your recommendation? >> i feel like i'm in the same position the white house is, they don't know what to do, and this is why the french and british and taken the lead. it's a good idea for the united states, after iraq, simply to follow an international decision. >> i want to mention your book, and of course you, yourself, were the character that george clooney played in his film and there's a great photograph of you with bodyguards. do you share in the criticism of the cia that agents were asleep on the middle east uprisings? >> oh, absolutely, they were
3:40 pm
asleep. what's happened -- >> you do believe? >> absolutely. they were asleep. iraq and afghanistan has drained the cia completely. it wasn't focusing on cairo, tunisia, even libya. it's the bench strength is not deep. >> have you spoken to any of your former colleagues? >> i do from time to time. the pentagon and state department, they are confused. they can ask me my opinions. they do not know what to do. >> another thing you talk about in your book is the romance and the fact that the lady that you were dating, you didn't know her real name. >> we we were in sarajevo, six months, i knew her as riley. it wasn't until we got back to langley she told me it was dane fla. it's funny. >> so even as cia agent can be duped. >> compartmented. we didn't ask. that was the culture. it's an intelligence service,
3:41 pm
extremely secretive. we kept secrets, knew how to keep them. this book was vetted by the cia to take out classified information. >> i'm assuming you must have made relationships when employed that people are seeing you, for example on this broadcast might be thinking, hang on a second, he lied to us. are you worried there might be some reprisal? >> they know i'm out, because i'm public. they might assume i'm still working for the cia but since i'm a major krits ticritic, i'm public, imnot worth it for them. >> "the company we keep," thank you. just say no to porn? one woman thinks it could be behind the decline of marriage in america. hot waffles...
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i'm simon hobbs. we're managing to claw our way back. back above 12,000. concerns about growth, china, oil, europe, sovereign debt and shootings in saudi. the labor department reports an increase, but economists don't appear concerned saying they expect numbers to drop as the economy improves. oil prices may have dipped over recent session but was consumers are feeling the sting at the pump. the national average of retail gasoline now stands at $3.53 a gallon. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. back to you. there's an old saying in the advertising world that sex sells. and with an estimated revenue of $13 billion a year, pornography proves that to be true. from charlie sheen's hopes of creating a porn family to hugh
3:46 pm
heff fn hefner's girls next door the world has seen a lot of attention. the business has become debtmentle to meaningful relationships. one critic, cindy gallup, author of "make love, not porn." cindy, do you think that pornography encourages midstology around the business of sexual relationships, myths about sexual performance what to do in terms of intimacy. >> i want to be clear. i'm pro-porn, i'm not anti-porn, despite what the tight of my book sounds like. porn is more available on the internet than ever before, accesses by kids at an earlier age than ever before. a generation growing who ining believes what you see in hard core porn is how you have sex. porn is always -- sex is
3:47 pm
something we all do and nobody ever talks. parents are embarrassed to talk to kids about it. porn has become by default the sex education of today. so the issue is not porn. the issue is the lack of an open, healthy dialogue around sex and porn in our society that allow people to bring a real world mindset to bringing entertainment. >> if ft's basically selling pee absurdi absurdities, isn't it? some of the sexual performances are super human, they're not normal, are they? >> porn is sex education, behave yorz driven by the pebest of possible moatsitives. we want to please our partner. if the only clues we have are the ones in porn, those are the ones we'll take. people having sex with each other fine it bizarre to talk to
3:48 pm
the one they're having it with. >> do you think it leads to a level of humiliation towards women, particularly. a number of critics say who someone of the problems is that it's creating in the minds of young men an attitude to women that is really very contemptible, in some ways. >> the important thing to say is that i set up make love not because i encountered this through personal experience. i date men in 20s. i went, whoa, i know where that's coming from. i decided to do something about it. i refer people to make love not this is a gender proposition. many women as men find themselves influenceded by porn in terms of wait they think it should be behaving and men who encounter overly porn fis behavior in girlfriends.
3:49 pm
>> is the answer to turn off the porn? >> no, the answer is absolutely not to turn off the porn. the answer is to talk about sex openly in our society. for parents to teach children about sex as levearly as possib. for everyone to be more open and honest about it. >> thank you for your very candid comments. our play of the day, now comes from our friends at "saturday night live." a clip to help you get through the weekend. >> watch snl with musical guest jesse j. and your host, zack. what are you doing? >> i love humor. ♪ saturday, saturday, saturday saturday♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow
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it is time now to clear the air. and when the president roasted his finger this morning saying bullying affects every single
3:53 pm
person in america, he also might have mentioned one family that no longer lives in this country. they arrived here less than two years ago and their beautiful daughter, phoebe, was particularly excited at moving from ireland to hampshire, county, massachusetts. where they expected to fit in with good local services and an aunt who has been there for some time. but none of this had any bearing on what would happen the moment phoebe prince walked through the doors of south hadley high school at the tender age of just 14. some students extended a welcome, but very quickly two distinct groups decided she would be their target and they set about the most cruel and remorsefulless period of emotional bullying. they called her a whore. she was a child. they said she was a prostitute. she was a child. they said she carried diseases in her bones to infect and kill other students.
3:54 pm
but she was just an ordinary child. they punched her, spattered her and used the kind of street slang that she didn't really understand, but what she did know was that she was hated and they wanted her dead. and to make matters so much worse, these orchestrated attacks were often carried out in front of teachers who did absolutely nothing to protect her. and then just two months after her 15th birthday in january last year, she suffered another full day of abuse and spite. even as she walked home she was followed by students in a car who threw a half-full can of soda at her that drenched her clothing. for a 15-year-old child she displayed the fortitude of a soldier under attack for months on end. but even she was beginning to break. and despite the loving support of her family, she decided that if teachers wouldn't put a stop to this unbearable abuse then she would have to take matters
3:55 pm
into her own hands. and she did. that afternoon she hung herself in the stairwell of the family home. her body was found by her 12-year-old sister. this morning as president obama got up and spoke in the elegant surroundings of the white house, phoebe prince's mother ann went to sit by the island where her beloved daughter's ashes were laid. she did not want to speak to anyone. and phoebe, too, is silent today, but i have a feeling that for all the words that were spoken in the white house, this 15-year-old child's silence is as eloquent as potent as anything said on the issue of bullying today. because the fact that she cannot speak tells us all why this kind of behavior cannot and must not ever be tolerated by anyone anywhere here in america. thank you for watching. i'll be back here tomorrow at
3:56 pm
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well, good afternoon to you. i'm dylan ratigan. nice to see you. happy thursday to you. today, well, to be a muslim and to be an american in the post- 9/11 age, fierce debate in peter king's hearings on radical islam that critics say is a throw-back to carthism. plus, a checkmate politically in wisconsin. outrage there today after republicans outmaneuvered democrats to pass a controversial union bill. what happens next would most likely seem the courts. also, the tax man cometh for the pot dealers. filling back holes by chasing back taxes. the show starts right now.


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